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Convention CEPT:

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Updated 20 February 2003.

We can take care of all formalities
with the Senegalese authorities
to obtain your call sign as well as
your temporary transmitting license from Senegal.

We will ensure and follow through the remittance of your file to the ART in Dakar. A 55  € lump sum will be charged per license.
In case of special call signs, the same documents as below are required for each individual operator, for a 65 € lump sum.

Your call sign can be obtained within 2 to 4 months and will be : 6W7/ your call.

Since march 2006, ART authorities will grant short callsigns with 6V.

Lately, 3 french OM were 6V7AA, 6V7AB and 6V7AC.

For the last CQ WW CW contest, Paul was 6V7D.

To apply at the ART, if you decide to make directly the request by yourself, it is imperative you provide them with the following documents:

. for operator:
- copies of your european passport (pages 2, 3 and 36 for recently issued horizontal european passports),
- copy of your Ham License.
Senegalese authorities also require you send a handwritten letter in french to apply for the license authorisation (please see example attached under Word or ACROBAT PDF)

. for transceiver equipment:
i f you wish to use your own equipment, you have to let us know precisely the brand and type of material you are using and send us copy of the" technical datas". An additional 20€ tax will be charged per transmitter.
We will send you back a transmitting certificate allowing you to temporarily import your equipment to Senegal.

route de Ngor x Dioulikaye -
Dakar / Peytavin
Tél.: (221) 869 03 69
Fax.: (221) 869 03 70
Callsigns in Senegal: 6W... or 6V

Except for expeditions or contests, senegalese radio amateur callsigns are as follow:
6W + aera Number (from 1 to 7 ) + 2 letters, as my call is 6W 7 RV

Geographique area Zone Call
Dakar Zone 1 6W1.. + 2 letters
Ziguinchor Zone 2 6W2.. + 2 letters
Djourbel Zone 3 6W3.. + 2 letters
Saint Louis Zone 4 6W4.. + 2 letters
Tambacounda Zone 5 6W5.. + 2 letters
Kaoloack Zone 6 6W6.. + 2 letters
Thiès (Somone) Zone 7 6W7.. + 2 letters